Over Landal


In de afgelopen jaren heeft Landal een groot aantal awards en nominaties ontvangen. Uit de diversiteit van de Awards blijkt dat Landal door zowel gasten als onafhankelijke onderzoeksbureaus hoog gewaardeerd wordt. Daar zijn we ongelooflijk trots op.

Alle awards ziet u op: www.landal.nl/over-landal/awards

Biografie: Thomas Heerkens - Managing Director, Landal GreenParks

Thomas Heerkens is the managing director of Landal GreenParks. Heerkens has been with Landal since 2002 and is responsible for overseeing the marketing and the operations of the organization with more than 80 parks and approximately 15,000 properties in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Under his leadership Landal has become the leader in the Dutch chalet-park market and increased its presence in other countries in Europe with more than 2,5 million guest visits every year. In country wide surveys Landal has consistently excelled in customer experience and satisfaction and ranks amongst the highest in the industry when it comes to customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Heerkens has a diverse professional background having worked in logistics, strategy consulting and as CFO of a contact center business prior to joining Landal GreenParks. He serves on the board as a non-executive director of a social housing foundation and en concert hall in the city of Rotterdam.