About Landal

Landal GreenParks is the largest Dutch exclusive holiday park rental organisation and the leading international provider of management, administration and rental services for holiday parks.

Landal is active in over 100 holiday destinations in nine countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary – and is implementing an ambitious European expansion policy that started in 2020 with 17 new high-quality holiday parks and will continue in 2021 with a comparable growth with new and existing destinations in the Netherlands and abroad. With the expansion, the emphasis is on the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. All the parks of Landal GreenParks are situated in the most beautiful natural environments. Nature, peace and quiet, space and high-quality holiday parks are the main reason guests choose to stay at Landal GreenParks.

Currently, Landal GreenParks offers over 15,000 holiday accommodation and 1,300 campsite pitches. Every year, 2.2 million guests choose Landal GreenParks and spend 11.4 million overnight stays there, with an average length of stay of 5.2 nights.

During 2020, Landal GreenParks realised a turnover of 405 million euros approx. 35% less than in 2019 as a consequence of the corona measures in the various markets, which meant many parks had to temporarily close, completely or partly.

The following brands are part of Landal GreenParks: Hof van Saksen, Landal Ski Life, Landal Camping, Landal Business Line and Landal Makelaardij (property).

Landal GreenParks is part of Awaze, Europe's leading provider of holiday parks and accommodation, which brings together the following independent brands: Cottages.com, Hoseasons, Landal GreenParks, James Villa Holidays and Novasol. It is in part thanks to these collaborations that Landal GreenParks leads the way with international market developments and new projects. Landal is the European market leader in terms of self-catered holidays.

Landal, market leader

In 2019 and 2020, Landal was the market leader in the Netherlands and grew 11% more than its competitors, according to sector association RECRON.

The holiday market is becoming increasingly competitive and Landal GreenParks is leading the way in terms of digitisation, giving it an excellent market position. As a result of these developments, it has become of considerable strategic importance for Landal to continue to respond to trends in the fields of technological developments and digitisation. We are continuously optimising the various websites, adding and improving functionality for users and improving the booking process via mobile devices. The aim is not only to improve conversion, but also to choose the best presentation for each park to inspire the guest.

Positive impact of the corona virus

The global corona crisis initiated a trend in 2020 whereby holiday makers preferred to go on holiday closer to home, preferably in their own country near nature and self-sufficiently. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years. The current trend also has repercussions for the development and construction of new parks, where there is additional attention for luxury, space and privacy. There is a relatively high willingness to invest in recreational property.

Sustainability and climate neutral in 2030

Landal GreenParks has an ambitious sustainability programme and every year it comes closer to achieving its goal to be climate neutral in 2030. The holiday provider invests in green initiatives, projects and partnerships and supports the biodiversity in nature and the immediate vicinity of the holiday parks. Furthermore, Landal is focused on making energy sustainable at the parks, on sustainable construction and on an active recycling and waste reduction policy.

Landal wants to offer unforgettable holidays with a positive impact on nature, the region, people and our climate. All Landal parks are Green Key certified, the leading sustainability certification in the leisure industry. In 2020, for the third year in a row, Landal was named the most sustainable brand by the Sustainable Brand Index in the category Travel & Leisure and achieved a top 10 position in the ‘overall’ ranking. 

Dutch Society for Nature Conservation, strategic partner for 15 years

Landal GreenParks and Natuurmonumenten (Dutch Society for Nature Conservation) have had a strategic partnership for the past 15 years and have developed many successful projects together, including various tree planting events, nature education, and a wildflower campaign (awarded with a SponsorRing 2019) to establish attention on biodiversity in nature. Landal is one of the main sponsors of the Society for Nature Conservation children’s programme OERRR.Similar projects are ongoing in Germany with the Nestwärme organisation and in Denmark, Landal is involved with the development of the Butterfly Forest.

In 2020, Landal Marker Wadden opened the artificial archipelago Marker Wadden, which was constructed by the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Here, Landal rents out four sustainable island cottages and all the proceeds go to nature. Our intention is to further expand the number of destinations in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation.

Since 2016, Landal GreenParks, together with the sector association RECRON, HISWA and other holiday providers, has a Green Deal with the Dutch Ministries of Infrastructure & Environment and Economic Affairs to voluntarily reduce the use of pesticides during ground maintenance.

Investing in a holiday home

Landal GreenParks rents out approx. 15,000 holiday homes. Most are privately owned by shareholders, investors or people who want a reserve for difficult times. They rent out their holiday homes via Landal GreenParks for which they receive a financial return, and they can also stay in their accommodation for a few weeks each year. Landal GreenParks takes the rental, park operations, administration and maintenance off the homeowner’s hands.

Investing in accommodation at Landal GreenParks means high-quality, a reliable rental partner and a good occupancy rate. The return also develops in the long-term. Investing at Landal GreenParks means investing in green: the holiday homes are always in unique locations in nature. It also means investing in a sustainable brand that for three years in a row has been chosen as the most sustainable travel brand in the Netherlands, in the Sustainable Brand Index within the category ‘Travel and Leisure’.

Largest recreational property broker

The engaged and professional team at Landal Makelaardij has been providing advice and guidance with the purchase and sale of recreational property at existing and yet to be developed Landal holiday parks.

Since 2021, Landal is the only shareholder of De Vakantiemakelaar, making it the largest broker of recreational property in the Netherlands.

Landal GreenParks, an authority in the recreation sector

Since 1954, Landal GreenParks has been involved in the development and commercial operation of recreational parks and over the years, has accumulated vast experience and expertise in the design and construction of recreational parks, accommodation, amenities and facilities. In the orientation phase with landowners, project developers and investors, Landal is an excellent partner both in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Consumer behaviour in the Netherlands and abroad, the unparalleled Landal database with millions of holiday activity profiles and preferences and trend watchers from the sector, state that Landal is able to shape the future of recreational parks. Landal translates consumer wishes, such as purchasing and economies of scale, law and legislation, experience in technology and maintenance, exterior and interior concepts for accommodation and amenities, hospitality concepts and innovative designs on various levels in a project-based structure.

Leading hospitality concepts

Landal GreenParks is at the top of the Dutch hospitality providers and has been ranked third in terms of revenue in the Hospitality Top 100 by the Misset Horeca trade journal.

In recent years, Landal GreenParks has invested almost 20 million euros in new trendsetting concepts based on preparing fresh and healthy, sustainable ingredients from the region and eating together. Under the motto ‘Eating and drinking together naturally’, guests taste nature on their plate, as it were, and they also experience that in the space they are staying with the family. With regional adjustments, the formula was rolled out in steps over the holiday parks Landal manages in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

During the closure of the hospitality as a result of the corona measures, we made the switch

to continue to be able to provide guests at the holiday parks with a surprising selection of food and drinks, including a range of food boxes and freshly made meals for consumption in the holiday home. Guests can order these online with the free Landal app and in one of the 75 new webshops. The range was also expanded with baking and cooking workshops for in the holiday home.

Consumers have voted Landal GreenParks as the best in the sector, and we were crowned with a Foodservice Award 2021.

Regional positioning in the environment

Landal GreenParks works closely with local (leisure) companies in the surrounding area of its holiday parks, such as hospitality, retail, museums and day recreation and is also actively involved in promoting these. This offers interesting possibilities in terms of employment opportunities and increases involvement in the park. The local spin-off becomes significant through this regional positioning.


The strength of Landal GreenParks is in its employees, approx. 3,000 employees work at the parks and the various offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.They do their utmost to provide guests with an unforgettable holiday, to continually to surprise them and exceed their expectations. Hospitality is the priority in that. Each and every day. Not because they have to but because they want to.

That is the how Landal GreenParks has stood out from other providers for years now.

The result is that guests are so satisfied that they recommend a stay at Landal GreenParks to family and friends and approx. 60% return to the same or another Landal holiday park within 3 years. Moreover, guests appear willing to vote en mass for Landal GreenParks in various polls.

The corporate principles are established based on the core values of Personal, Respectful and Reliable. These are basic agreements about working methods and collaboration. These include topics such as a safe and pleasant working environment, integrated and transparent business operations, employees’ own responsibility and sustainable and engaged entrepreneurship. One of the topics is ethical behaviour; how to treat colleagues and guests in an honest and sincere manner.

Awards and distinctions

Landal GreenParks’ efforts have not gone unnoticed in the market. In the field of customer service and friendliness, Landal is a leading figure in the sector. A few of the consumer awards and professional prizes:

2021: Sustainable Brand Index

2021: Foodservice Award

2021: Green Key certification for all parks, it is the sustainability quality mark for the leisure industry.

2020: Most sustainable travel brand in the Sustainable Brand Index, Travel & Leisure category (for the third time in a row)

2020: Top 10 listing in the most sustainable travel brands

2020: Three Gold and four Silver Awards from holiday review site Zoover

2020: Winner of Hackaton about Artificial Intelligence from DDMA

2020: Two Kids Vakantieaanbieder of the year awards in the categories Holiday Parks

XL and Kids Club Holidays

2020: Predicate of Top Campsite from the ANWB ( Landal Rabbit Hill) campsite

2020: Best UK Family Holiday Company (mid-sized businesses category) for Landal GreenParks UK for the British holiday parks


2020 Kids WintersportTip! 2019-2020 Quality mark from the Kids Vakantiegids

2019 Gold SponsorRing for joint project of Landal GreenParks with Dutch Society for Nature Conservation