Cooperation between Landal and Ruben Smit Productions

WAD, a film about the Wadden Sea, supported by Landal GreenParks

Landal GreenParks was a major sponsor of the latest nature film made by Ruben Smit Productions. Entitled WAD;  Surviving Where Water Meets Land (www.wadfilm.nl), the film will premiere at LWD2018 (Leeuwarden as European Capital of Culture) in October this year. It is an ode to the natural environment both above and below the water in and around the Wadden Sea. Ruben Smit has spent his whole life exploring this very special area, which is typified by mudflats, tidal trenches and islands. Over recent years he was granted permission to film in many unique spots.To make the film, the WAD film crew cooperated with a range of organisations, which contributed in the form of specific on-the-ground expertise, financing, boat crossings, filming permission or scientific counter-expertise, to give some examples. Seeking cooperation for the marketing of the film was a logical next step. “Cooperation between the many parties that cherish and are committed to the Wadden Sea area played an important part in actually getting the film made,” says Ruben Smit. “All of us have been moved by the primal forces exerted by the Wadden Sea and its mudflats, and we want to share that feeling. And whether you are an entrepreneur in the hospitality sector, a forester or a holiday home rentals operator, it really doesn’t matter.”

According to Thomas Heerkens, CEO of Landal GreenParks, the film shows just how much there is to discover and experience on the Wadden mudflats, and does so in spectacular fashion. “Just like Ruben Smit, we are hugely passionate about nature. Through his film, Ruben excels in showing how very special the mudflats are. Our guests can explore this rich area of natural beauty from our parks. We are proud to have been able to make a contribution to this exceptional film.”WAD was made without the aid of subsidies, which is why sponsors, such as Landal GreenParks, are vital. However, the film-maker’s cooperation with the holiday park operator extends beyond pure financing: Landal GreenParks will receive its own exclusive set of photos and films, and Ruben Smit will be recording a number of vlogs about the natural environment around Landal’s parks. This will help guests to go out and discover the unique natural areas surrounding them while on holiday.