Leidschendam The Netherlands,

Opening of world’s longest funnel water slide at Hof van Saksen holiday resort

The longest funnel water slide in the world is now open at the Hof van Saksen holiday resort, part of Landal GreenParks.The ‘Saltato’ 195 metres long and has four funnels, each with a diameter of five metres. The luxury holiday resort also had a world premier two years ago with the opening of three other spectacular water slides and plans to continue innovating and investing in exclusive water fun.

In 2017, Hof van Saksen opened the Bombo, the largest indoor water slide in the world, with a free fall of ten metres, the Intenso, the highest inner tube slide in the Benelux with fun light effects, and the Presto, the steepest speed slide in the Netherlands, for the ultimate adrenaline kick.

Saltato: a slide for daredevils

With the addition of the Saltato, Hof van Saksen has created a dream come true for daredevils. In a two-person inner tube, guests hurtle down and make their way through four funnels with a five-metre diameter. Spectacular light effects enhance the ride and create an intense experience. The name Saltato means musical jumps and is a playful reference to the opera Carmen by Bizet. It starts off with a gentle and slow glide, then picks up a wave of speed before you roar down into the next funnel. An unforgettable experience!

Ultimate water fun at an exceptional resort

“Nowhere else will you find such a unique water slide for the entire family. With the Saltato, we are aiming to provide older children in particular with an exceptional experience. We want to give our guests an amazing holiday experience at the highest level and we want to surprise them each and every visit,” says Roland Rozenbroek, General Manager of Hof van Saksen. He is enthusiastic about the new Saltato, which was subjected to stringent inspections and tests in recent weeks.


Rozenbroek adds, “In recent years, Hof van Saksen has invested around €40 million into various innovations to our farmhouses, facilities and activities in order to remain the most unique resort. By continually investing and innovating, we can maintain our top position in the sector.Along with the new slide, we have other news to share. Last month, the Family Adventure Golf Course, an 18-hole course for the entire family, was completed, as well as the Teenager Lodge, the archery lanes and the Archaeology Academy, the latest addition to the nine children’s academies.

Lots of praise for renovated Grand Café and Gusto Restaurant

Hof van Saksen has completely renovated the Grand Café and Italian restaurant Gusto, now housed at a new location in the main building, the Havezate. Renowned interior designers have furnished the new locations with trendy, ambient, child-friendly and accessible interiors with international allure. We can see how much our guests appreciate this culinary innovation from the enthusiastic reviews and in the increase in guest appreciation.