Landal GreenParks voted the Most Customer-Friendly Leisure Company in the Netherlands

“Each and every day, our aim is to create unforgettable holidays”

Landal GreenParks has been voted the Most Customer-Friendly Leisure Company in the Netherlands. It also took third place in the Top 10 of the most customer-friendly companies for all sectors in the country, just behind online greeting card and gift supplier Greetz and the overall winner, electronics retailer Coolblue. The Top 10 nominated companies were announced last month and, alongside Coolblue, Greetz and Landal, included theme park Efteling, supermarket chain EMTÉ, IKEA, fashion retailer Miss Etam, two optician chains, Pearle and Specsavers, and hotel chain Van der Valk. The prize winners were announced yesterday evening at the CustomerFirst Gala held in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht.

Bungalow holiday operator Landal won the title of Most Customer-Friendly Company in the Netherlands in 2010 and, with the exception of 2014, is the only company in the country to have made the Top 10 every year since the awards began.

The jury’s report stated as follows: “The strength of Landal GreenParks clearly lies in its staff: they do all they can to ensure that customers enjoy a carefree holiday. They go that extra mile for their visitors and ensure that everyone feels welcome. And this year their customers have once again rewarded them for this.”

“A holiday is an experience and guest friendliness is of paramount importance to all of our staff. This is what has distinguished us from other holiday operators over the years,” says Erik van Essen, Commercial Director of Landal GreenParks. “At each of our 85 parks, we are able to show personal and genuine interest in our guests. Often this results in what are just brief moments of happiness, but all of these then go to make all the difference. This enables us to exceed expectations, means that guests recommend us to family and friends, and that they enjoy coming back to stay with us. Our 3,500 staff work hard each day to create unforgettable holidays for our guests.”