Landal GreenParks is named the most sustainable brand in the Netherlands

Landal GreenParks has won the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index in the Travel and Leisure category. Given the results of an independent consumer survey, Landal is named the Netherlands’ most sustainable travel brand for one year. The award was presented by Harm Edens yesterday evening in Amsterdam.

The Sustainable Brand Index is an independent international survey in which consumers are interviewed about sustainability and consumer brands’ communication. The Sustainable Brand Index is run every year in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and since last year in the Netherlands. It consists of a ranking and an in-depth research report.

We are especially happy with this award. Our guests’ appreciation reflects our aspirations and efforts in the area of sustainability,” said Thomas Heerkens, general manager of Landal GreenParks. “Our ambition is to be climate neutral by 2030. We will also invest in a healthy environment by being economical with nature and raising awareness among our guests. Memorable holidays with a positive impact. Our guests’ experiences of our parks shine through in this award.”

As sustainable as possible

Landal GreenParks builds its new accommodation as sustainable as possible. One example is the Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen opened in December 2016, which has 145 houses and central facilities built with sustainable building materials. They are equipped with hot air pumps that do not use gas and is the first holiday park to generate its own sustainable energy which is stored in its own electricity network. At Landal Mont Royal 74 brand new accommodations were built of which 80% were built with materials from the old bungalows. In one year they supply more energy than they use as they are equipped with energy saving devices such as solar panels for energy generation and hot air pumps for heating and hot water. These bungalows do not use gas.