Landal GreenParks is able to look back on an outstanding year. Not only was the holiday operator voted the Most Customer-Friendly Leisure Company in the Netherlands in 2017, it also achieved growth in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. Total revenues increased to €448 million. Landal expanded with the addition of three holiday resorts in Great Britain, introduced the largest indoor water slides in the world at its Hof van Saksen resort, and also invested €25 million in renovating accommodation, restaurants and other facilities. The company is making €300 million available for investment over the coming years to be used for more new building projects and expansion at existing parks, for new resorts and for making existing parks more sustainable.

In 2018, Landal GreenParks will be building four new resorts: Kaatsheuvel and Volendam in the Netherlands, Bad Boltenhagen on the German Baltic Sea coast, and the luxurious Maria-Alm winter sports resort in Austria. Investments will also be made in the company’s five Danish parks and in its latest resort, Gwel an Mor in Cornwall (Great Britain). This will involve investment totalling €101 million.

In addition, €197 million will be spent on quality improvements, expansions and new building projects at existing parks, €39 million of which will go on the construction of 74 zero-energy holiday homes at Mont Royal (Germany) and on the second phase of the most sustainable recreational park in the Netherlands, De Reeuwijkse Plassen.

Quality improvements

Landal GreenParks is of the opinion that devoting attention to modernisation and innovation is important to the leisure sector as a whole. “Over recent years, we have invested a great deal in quality, working with our owners and partners,” comments Thomas Heerkens, CEO of Landal GreenParks. “This now allows us to offer our guests greater choice, more attractive and more luxurious accommodation, and better facilities surrounded by natural green spaces. These improvements are reflected in the way guests rate their experience, and in repeat visits. Whenever we make an investment, we make sure we are choosing a sustainable option. Our aim is for our operations to become completely climate-neutral by 2030 and we are well on our way to achieving that goal: all of our parks have Green Key certification in recognition of their sustainable operations, and our sustainability policy resulted in the title of CSR Manager of the Year being awarded to Landal in 2017.”

New restaurants

In 2016 and 2017, a number of restaurants at our resorts in the Netherlands and Germany introduced the ‘Eat and drink together, naturally’ formula. This formula is compatible with the green ambitions that Landal GreenParks has. The aim is for guests not only to enjoy the nature that surrounds them at our resorts but to actually taste it in the food on their plate. More restaurants will be introducing this formula in 2018 so that food and drink become a larger part of the overall holiday experience.

International growth

The markets in which Landal operates saw an average growth in revenues of 12% last year: the Netherlands (+8%), Germany (+17%), Belgium (+10%) and Denmark (+6%).

In the Netherlands, Landal GreenParks occupies the position of market leader and is the best known and fastest growing chalet park brand. The growth in markets outside of the Netherlands came as a result of additional marketing efforts to generate more interest in Landal GreenParks. This involved a new, international campaign highlighting what Landal GreenParks stands for and what guests can expect from a stay at one of its resorts. Research has shown that Belgians, Germans, Danes and the Dutch consider the natural surroundings, the green aspect, the quality of the accommodation and guest-friendliness at the resorts to be the main distinguishing features of Landal when compared to other operators. The campaign stimulates guests to share stories about their experiences surrounded by nature under the slogan ”What stories will you come home? Discover what green can do”.

Digital communication

A number of studies of consumer behaviour have shown that guests are fast turning to the digital world when searching for information and making bookings. Landal GreenParks sees this reflected in the large number of reservations made online - currently at 70% and still rising. Landal was the first chalet park holiday operator to stop distributing brochures due to the website and online communication becoming the preferred media serving to inspire guests. The Landal app, launched at the end of last year, has made it even easier for Landal GreenParks to make contact with its guests. The app provides guests with information about activities in and around the resorts and offers suggestions for holidays to match their preferences.