Holiday resort Hof van Saksen investing in superior aquatic fun

Luxury resort Hof van Saksen, which is part of Landal GreenParks, is introducing an innovation with the construction of three sensational indoor water slides, one of which will be the biggest indoor water slide in the world. Guests will climb to the top of a tall tower, from which they will then descend in spectacular fashion. The three slides, two of which will be used with inflatables, are due to open next autumn.

At the top

The new water slides will be so spectacular that they will be revelations worldwide. Water slides for the whole family that are this unique can be found nowhere else. The biggest will be a four-lane slide for inflatables, providing a genuine family experience. The biggest indoor water slide in the world will also feature a ‘funnel’ that is 19 metres in diameter. The second slide, which will be 18.5 metres high, will be the highest slide for inflatables in the Benelux. The third slide, which will be the highest and the steepest indoor speed slide in the Netherlands, will be all about achieving high speeds and will appeal to true daredevils. Prize-winning architect Cor Kalfsbeek worked with K3H Architects to design the new building and slide tower to house the new attractions and to fit in well with the existing De Havezate building.

“We are creating the ultimate adventure for our guests, offering them an exclusive experience that is totally in keeping with Hof van Saksen. This innovation will consolidate our leading position in the sector. The combination of slides is unique and will appeal to both young and old. These extraordinary water slides will ensure that the resort also offers older children an exceptional experience. Families with children of any age can come to our resort together to enjoy an exclusive holiday experience,” comments Roland Rozenbroek, General Manager of Hof van Saksen. “Over recent years, we have introduced many innovations and novelties to our farmhouses, the facilities and the activities we have on offer in order to ensure that Hof van Saksen continues to be the most exceptional resort there is. We continually make investments to

guarantee that our guests enjoy their stay to the full. Hof van Saksen has grown significantly over recent years, not only in terms of occupancy but also in terms of guest appreciation.”


Sustainable choices were made in terms of the technology and materials used for the construction of the three new indoor water slides. They have been designed to use as little energy as possible. By opting for the most efficient heating and air treatment systems, more than 95% of the heat will be able to be recovered from the expelled air and refreshed water. When this is combined with other energy-saving options at the swimming pool and in De Havezate, the expectation is for the total energy consumption not to increase once the water slides are opened.

Stay updated and follow the construction of the three water slides, the tower and the new swimming pool building live at www.hofvansaksen.nl/waterwereld