Den Haag The Netherlands,

With this biodigester Landal GreenParks makes an important contribution to sustainability

First innovative biodigester at a European holiday park: from waste to energy

Landal GreenParks is the first holiday park in Europe to install a biodigester. The machine transforms food scraps and other organic waste into biogas and high-quality plant fertilizer. It offers important sustainability benefits; there is no more need to collect organic waste, the biogas heats the swimming pool and the high quality plant fertilizer is used as ‘green manure’ to maintain the green areas at the park.  The first biodigester was introduced today by Jerôme de la Chambre, sustainability manager for Landal GreenParks at the (online) National Circular Economy Conference held by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The machine will be operational as of 1 March at Landal Landgoed ’t Loo near Oldebroek (Gelderland). Over the course of the year more biodigesters will be installed at other Landal Parks.

The biodigester is capable of processing up to 50 kg of food waste and organic waste every day and produces 15 m³ of biogas and 50 litres of high-quality plant fertilizer a day. We address three important themes with the biodigester: energy, waste and biodiversity. The operation of the machine also provides an important educational element. Nothing goes to waste and we close the resource loop,’ according to Jerôme de la Chambre, the sustainability manager at Landal GreenParks. ‘We do not only process food waste from our restaurants, but park guests can also dispose of their food waste in a special container at the holiday park.’

On an annual basis, the biodigester will provide 5,500 m³ of biogas, equal to the use of four families. It will also generate 18,000 litres of quality plant fertilizer, which is more than the park needs for its own use. That means we will sell bottles of plant fertilizer to our park guests. The municipality of Oldebroek has also expressed an interest in using it in their parks and green spaces.

A positive contribution to climate change

The machine was produced in the Netherlands and developed by CIRC. Spencer Schols, CEO of CIRC: ‘The CIRC biodigester enables the hospitality industry, but also construction, care and government to make a positive contribution to how the Netherlands addresses climate change. Landal GreenParks is taking an assertive role in this and we are very pleased with our partnership to launch the first biodigester for a holiday park.’

Climate neutral in 2030

The installation of the biodigester means a new step for Landal GreenParks in fulfilling its ambition: to be climate neutral in 2030. Every year we take further steps towards that goal. The holiday provider invests in green initiatives, projects and partnerships and supports the biodiversity in nature and the immediate vicinity of the holiday parks. All Landal parks are GreenKey certified and for the third year in a row, Landal was named the most sustainable brand in the category Travel & Leisure, with a top 10 position in the ‘overall’ ranking.

Landal GreenParks wants to offer unforgettable holidays with a positive impact on nature, the region, people and climate. The holiday provider provides guests the opportunity to experience nature and promotes a greater awareness of our environment, so guests will take home a love of nature.