Tanja Roeleveld wins ‘CSR Manager of the Year’ award for 2017

Tanja Roeleveld, Sustainability Manager for Landal GreenParks, has been awarded the title of CSR Manager of the Year for 2017 at the National Sustainability Congress held in the Dutch city of ‘s Hertogenbosch. The award was presented to her by Maurits Groen at the event, which was attended by more than 500 people interested in the topic of sustainability. Along with Geanne van Arkel (Interface) and Niels van Geenhuizen (Arcadis), Tanja Roeleveld was one of three finalists selected from a shortlist of the 10 candidates who received the most votes in a ballot held among 350 CSR managers.

What particularly impressed the voters and jury was how Tanja, in her role as Sustainability Manager, was able to identify an opportunity for activating the ‘green genes’ of all 3,000 employees at Landal GreenParks by providing them with pointers for making the company more sustainable. Through her efforts, she not only ensures that general business operations become more sustainable but also manages to integrate this with what Landal is really all about - namely, the guest experience.

Tanja Roeleveld, Sustainability Manager for Landal GreenParks, responded by saying: “I am absolutely delighted to have received this award and am proud of the fact that we integrate sustainability into the holidays taken by our guests. We allow our guests to experience nature so that they take an awareness of our living environment back home with them. Our objective is to provide unforgettable holidays that have a positive impact. My 3,000 colleagues, our business partners and our suppliers are all working alongside us to actively step up our progress. I don’t see this as my adventure or my development but rather as the development of us all. And this is how we are increasing the scale of the impact we make every single day.”

Thomas Heerkens, CEO of Landal GreenParks, commented: “We extend our warmest congratulations to Tanja and are incredibly proud of what she has achieved. It is an achievement that also recognises the company’s sustainability policy. By nominating Tanja for this award and then, ultimately, selecting her as CSR Manager of the Year for 2017, a large number of CSR professionals and the expert jury have demonstrated their appreciation of our efforts.”