Den Haag The Netherlands,

Holiday homes with own beach - Landal Drentse Lagune

Landal GreenParks is once again expanding with a luxury holiday destination: Landal Drentse Lagune by the angerdorf of Westerbork in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe. At this top location, 114 high-quality holiday homes are being built on spacious plots, each with its own beach and lovely views of the water. The homes are being developed by Kopare Development BV and, on completion, will be managed and rented by Landal GreenParks. Landal Drentse Lagune is the eighth new park announced by this holiday provider since February of this year. 

“The luxury Landal Drentse Lagune is a fantastic addition to our portfolio at an exceptional location. This park represents an important quality boost for the Midden-Drenthe region. The Drentse Lagune fits in perfectly with our expansion strategy for the Netherlands through which we are pursuing selective growth with new high-quality parks,” explains Dirk Anbeek, CEO of Landal GreenParks.  “Our goal is to offer our guests more options. It has become clear to us that the Dutch prefer to go on holiday close to home to destinations that offer space and room to breathe. This trend will definitely continue in the future and we see plenty of opportunity for further growth in the Netherlands. In the foreseeable future, we also plan to add parks in Germany and Great Britain in order to further consolidate our brand in the local markets.”

Since February of this year, Landal GreenParks has announced eight new destinations: Landal Middelfart and Landal Fyrklit (Denmark), Landal Puur Exloo (Drenthe), Landal Elfstedenhart (Friesland), Landal De Wielsche Dreef (Betuwe), Landal Kaap West (Terschelling), Landal Arber (Germany) and Landal Drentse Lagune. Landal Volendam and Landal Marker Wadden were announced earlier, but opened their doors this spring.

Landal Drentse Lagune

Landal Drentse Lagune is situated in the heart of Midden-Drenthe, a highly popular destination for tourists. It is close to three national nature parks: Drents-Friese Wold National Park, Aekingerbroek and Aekingerzand or Dwingelderveld. With over 1,700 kilometres of bicycle paths and even more hiking paths, guests have plenty of room to explore. The Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork is well worth visiting.

The holiday home types vary from 4-person to 24-person accommodations and are available in comfort, luxury and extra luxury versions. The homes for 6 guests or more will have multiple bathrooms, so they can be used by several families or groups. The special children’s holiday homes are not located by the water for safety reasons. Landal Drentse Lagune will also have a reception, Beach Club/restaurant with a sunny patio, indoor swimming pool, indoor play area with climbing wall and challenging games and a ParkShop. Water fun will be a priority at the park: swimming from your own private beach, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding and water bikes. The park will also have playground equipment, fishing jetties, dune valleys and a bird spotting hut throughout the grounds.


The project developer, Kopare Development BV, will start construction once 30 holiday homes have been purchased. The first phase of construction of 44 holiday homes is expected to start in February 2021. These will be completed in the autumn of 2021. Phase 2 will comprise 35 homes and food service establishments and the remaining 35 holiday homes will be built in phase 3, as will the swimming pool. Landal Drentse Lagune should be completely finished by the summer of 2022. For more information on investment opportunities, see