Den Haag The Netherlands,

New holiday park: Landal De Wielsche Dreef in Batavia

Landal GreenParks announces the construction of a new holiday park: Landal De Wielsche Dreef, located near the rural village Eck en Wiel in the region of Batavia. 230 holiday residences will be built on a site covering 18 hectares. The first construction phase is yet to commence, but the sales to private investors have already started. Landal GreenParks will accommodate the rental of the new holiday park. Following the announcement of new parks in Drenthe, Friesland and North Holland, this is the fourth new park recently announced by Landal.

Landal De Wielsche Dreef is centrally located in the Netherlands and Batavia, the most fertile area of the province of Gelderland. The park is located amidst nature, water, lovely towns and villages. The immediate surroundings offer a range of water sports opportunities, and the park itself is a perfect base for bike and walking tours in a culturally and historically rich region. The park has provides direct access to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park with a ferry service across the Nederrijn within a walking distance from the park.

The plan which has been developed for the 18-hectare recreation park includes the construction of a Landal GreenParks holiday park. The holiday residences make for perfect investment assets, which also offer a great recreational value for private use.

In the first construction phase there are 9 different types of holiday residences available in different stages of completion. The architecture of the residences shows a clear link to Batavia. The park will be equipped with a reception and a ParkShop, a bike rental shop and a food court with over 100 seats and a terrace by the water. The following construction phases will see the addition of a swimming lake, adventure area, indoor swimming pool with spa facilities, multifunctional sports field, and various play facilities to the park.

“These are exciting times for Landal GreenParks. It’s the fourth new holiday park within a short time, and we expect more news of expansion in the coming period. It comes at a time when almost all our holiday parks in Europe have reopened, and countries are opening their borders to tourists. We are observing a trend where many people prefer to go on holiday somewhere close by this summer, the reservations are on the up and we expect this trend to continue,” says Dirk Anbeek, general director of Landal GreenParks.