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Landal GreenParks setting holiday trends

The popularity of bungalow holidays has continued unabated this summer too, not only among Dutch holidaymakers, but also among increasing numbers of German and Belgian guests. Landal GreenParks receives over 2.5 million guests at its parks each year.

Walking and cycling traditionally used to be the most popular activities for guests. However, a guest survey conducted by Landal GreenParks reveals that guests’ top 3 activities during their stay now include taking a walk, eating out and swimming.

Taking a walk along the beach, through the forests or in the mountains was the most popular activity for 80.3% of guests, closely followed by eating out in a restaurant (76.5%). Moreover, 62.3% of all guests rated swimming most highly, but this figure rose to 89.2% for the ‘family with children’ target group. This group enjoys swimming, bowling, minigolf and visiting a theme park more frequently than average. However, cycling scored 32.8% for this group which is slightly below the average score for Landal guests, among whom cycling scored 40.4%.

Active and busy compared to rest and relaxation

It is striking that 55.3% of guests stated that they prefer to rest and relax compared to 20.6% of guests who chose being active and busy. Furthermore, almost a quarter (24.1%) of guests indicated that they did not have a preference. Anyone who thinks that it is particularly families with children who want to be active and busy would be mistaken – rest and relaxation also scored highest among this group at 49.6%. Moreover, 64.2% of families without children chose rest and relaxation.

Investment in guest experience and improvements to quality

Landal announced earlier this year that it would be investing 300 million euros together with its partners into further new buildings and an expansion of existing parks, new parks and making existing parks more sustainable. The company is also investing 197 million euros into improving quality, expansion and new construction on existing parks. Several of these refurbishments were introduced before the start of the high season at parks including Landal Port Greve, Landal De Vers, Landal Katschberg and Landal Mont Royal.

“We are able to offer our guests an even wider choice at more destinations in more attractive and luxurious accommodation and with better facilities, in the middle of nature. We see this reflected in our guests’ reviews and in their activities on and around our parks,” said Erik van Essen, Marketing Director of Landal GreenParks.

New restaurants are well received

Landal has been introducing a brasserie format over the last two years at various parks in the Netherlands and Germany. At other parks, it has tailored menu options to guests’ preferences for healthier food and drink and naturally, to enjoying these with each other. Guests appreciate the gluten-free menu and more frequently order the vegetarian dishes, try the typical local regional dishes or share large platters with various side dishes with family and friends. The various regional beers are popular, particularly when combined with a visit to the local brewery. Also in demand are the food workshops, where guests can make their own chocolate or apple puree, or bake apple pie or pizzas. A new feature is Bollo’s Kitchen Garden – a children’s buffet with fun and healthy dishes and drinks.

Guests are also visiting the restaurants more frequently during their stay (on average once every two days plus at least one visit to the snack bar), but also at other times of the day than just evenings. The workshops and the home-made, locally produced pastries are also drawing in guests throughout the day, and also increasing numbers of guests from outside the park.

Self-service bulk dispensers in the ParkShops

At many ParkShops, guests are able to use the self-service dispensers for products such as dairy items, cereals, wine, nuts, and chocolate sprinkles. These are not only fun, but also sustainable and mean less wastage and packaging. The ParkShops also offer an extensive range of local produce and sustainable meat and fish. There is a shopping trail especially for children where they can follow Bollo’s paw prints on the floor and are invited to sample snacks along the way.

Facilities and activities

New and/or improved facilities such as Adventure Golf, Sports Arenas, mini-golf courses, air trampolines, playgrounds and petting farms and trees for climbing have been added at various parks. Numerous guided activities, such as Bollo’s Picnic, By the Fire, Mud Play, Nature Discovery Box and the Cooling Water Fight, have also been expanded or modernised. An overview of the activities on the parks can be found at:

Discover the power of green

Our guest survey also revealed that Belgian, German, Danish and Dutch holidaymakers consider the natural location, green character, quality of the accommodation and hospitality on the parks as the most important features that make our parks stand out from those of other providers. Landal GreenParks is running a campaign to encourage guests to share their stories about being in the middle of nature under the slogan: ‘What stories will you take home? Discover the power of green’