Den Haag,

Landal GreenParks joins the overall top 10 and is named most sustainable travel brand for the third year in a row in the Netherlands

For the third year in a row, Landal GreenParks has been proclaimed the most sustainable travel brand in the Netherlands in the Travel & Leisure category. This was the result of the 2020 Sustainable Brand Index. This year, the holiday provider also ranks in the ‘overall’ top 10 of most sustainable brands. The Sustainable Brand Index included seven categories in the Netherlands this year for the fourth time

and is the result of an international independent study into consumer brand sustainability and communication. In Europe, more than 58,000 consumers are interviewed each year in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and, since 2017, the Netherlands. A total of 1,348 brands were assessed this year in Europe, of which 175 are from the Netherlands. More than 7,700 people in the Netherlands were asked how they viewed the sustainability efforts of well-known brands. Landal GreenParks ranks at the top of the Travel & Leisure sector, one of the fourteen sectors in seven industries in which the brands are categorised. The overall winner was Tony’s Chocolonely (food sector). Other industry winners announced were IKEA (retail,) Albert Heijn (supermarkets), Greenchoice (energy), ANWB (mobility), Tesla (automotive), Rabobank (banking) and Landal GreenParks (travel & leisure).

“We are extremely proud of this acknowledgement! For the third time in a row, Landal GreenParks has been named the most sustainable travel brand in the Netherlands. We would like to extend our thanks to our employees, partners and guests, as we are all in this together,” said Dirk Anbeek, Managing Director of Landal GreenParks. “Together we want to offer unforgettable holidays with a positive impact on nature, the region, people and our climate. We give guests the opportunity to experience nature and promote greater awareness of our living environments, so they take home a love of nature with them afterwards. In these times of uncertainty, the importance of sustainability is all the more salient. At Landal, we take our role seriously and continue to invest in a sustainable society.”