The Netherlands,

Landal GreenParks is expanding with Résidence Berger Duinen

Landal GreenParks is adding a second holiday park in the dune region of Noord-Holland. Landal Résidence Berger Duinen will be a small-scale park with 15 luxury recreational residences on spacious plots, located only 200 metres from the village centre of Schoorl, bordering on the dunes and next to the Schoorl Dunes Outdoor Centre of the Dutch Forestry Commission. The park is a spin-off of the overwhelming success of the earlier announced Landal Berger Duinen, a nearby holiday park wedged between the beach resort of Schoorl and the artist village of Bergen, where private investors snapped up all the residences.On completion, Landal GreenParks will be responsible for the rentals at both holiday parks.

Landal Résidence Berger Duinen is the latest destination announced this year by the holiday provider and forms an addition to Landal Berger Duinen, announced earlier in the year and approx. 2km further south.

“There is a lot of interest in investing in a holiday park and the rental possibilities. Due to circumstances, many people have chosen to spend their holidays in the Netherlands this year and have been pleasantly surprised by the many opportunities in their own country. Many are now looking for their own quiet, comfortable and spacious spot, in the middle of nature. Our strategy will focus on small-scale premium holiday parks in a fantastic location. Noord-Holland is exactly that kind of place. The dunes at Schoorl are one of the most beloved areas along the North Sea coast and we can’t wait to also welcome our guests to this attractive destination,” according to Dirk Anbeek, general director of Landal GreenParks.

Landal Résidence Berger Duinen

Landal Résidence Berger Duinen will be a unique, small-scale and luxury holiday park with plenty of options for both active as well as relaxing holidays. The architecture of the 15 luxury recreational homes is perfectly suited to the beautiful surroundings of Schoorl. The residences are available in6- and 8-person versions and fitted with a tiled or thatched roof. There will be Comfort, Luxury and Extra Luxury versions. The sale to private investors will be handled by Kolax Second Homes, whose portfolio also includes Landal Berger Duinen. Both parks, set about 2 km apart, will be developed by Kopare Leisure Development.

A unique location

Schoorl is surrounded by dunes, forest and adjacent polders, an area that offers plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling. The lively village heart of Schoorl offers many boutiques, cafés and restaurants, where you can shop or grab a bite or a drink on a outdoor terrace. In the centre of the village you will find the 54-metre high Climbing Dune and “De Schoorlse Duinen” National Park. Home to the highest and widest dunes in the Netherlands, the park offers more than 60 km of easy hiking trails.

Landal Berger Duinen

Announced last year, Landal Berger Duinen, located between the villages of Schoorl and Bergen, will be a unique holiday park with lots of opportunities for both an active and relaxing holiday. The architecture of the 72 luxury recreational homes blends harmoniously with this beautiful nature area. The different types of residences vary in size (accommodating 4, 6 or 8 guests). Besides the comfort homes, there will also be several luxury versions and even an extra luxury wellness version, including a lounge bath (incl. outdoor fire) and a thatched roof. There will be a reception building and a small mini-market and bike rental. For additional facilities, guests can make use of the extensive facilities in the nearby villages of Schoorl and Bergen. Construction is going smoothly and developer Kopare Leisure Development expects to hand over the park to Landal GreenParks for rental by the summer of 2021.


Since the start of this year, Landal GreenParks has already announced 13 new destinations: Landal Middelfart and Landal Fyrklit (Denmark), Landal Puur Exloo and Landal Drentse Lagune (Drenthe, NL), Landal Elfstedenhart (Friesland, NL), Landal De Wielsche Dreef (Betuwe, NL), Landal Kaap West (Terschelling, NL), Landal Arber and Ferienpark (Germany), Landal Woodland Lakes and Landal Barton Pines (Great Britain), Holiday park Forest Village (Noord-Brabant, NL) and Landal Résidence Berger Duinen (Noord-Holland, NL). Landal Volendam and Landal Marker Wadden had already been announced earlier and were inaugurated this spring. Landal expects to announce more expansions in the near future.