Den Haag The Netherlands,

Landal Adventure Game: the new app where children build a digital tree house during their holiday stay

Landal GreenParks introduces a new digital game, which challenges children from 8 to 12 and their parents to a digital scavenger hunt in and about the park. While on their quest in the wild, they collect resources necessary to design and build their own digital tree house. Once completed, it can be viewed in Augmented Reality*. The innovative app Landal Adventure will be available for a free download for iOS and Android in the respective app stores from 6 June. The app works in all of the 90+ parks of Landal GreenParks and is available in five languages. There is also a separate app Hof van Saksen Adventure.

The new game offers a digital experience compatible with the realm of experience of a specific target group (8-12 year olds). The app encourages children to go outside and discover what green can do. Using a map inside the application, children look for mystery boxes hidden in the nature of Landal parks. The digital boxes contain resources such as wood and stone, which enable the players to build their own tree houses in the game. And not only that: with the aid of a camera, children can take a look at their creations in augmented reality. Depending on the park where the game is played, the tree house can take the form of a beach house, mountain hut or water villa, as the app takes on a different landscape for each of the parks, whether it’s woods, water, beach or mountains. That way, the house you build will vary from park to park. Children can continue to work on their tree house during their stay. The digital designs can be shared on social media, and the participants are in the running to win a stay in a real tree house at Landal GreenParks.

Landal Adventure has been developed in collaboration with a digital agency &samhoud creative tech, and combines a digital experience with real-life environment, much like the popular games Pokémon Go and Minecraft. To complement the game, a Landal Adventure book has been published. The book, available for sale at the parks of Landal GreenParks, contains an overview of the resources, examples of cool tree houses and a unique Golden Mystery Box with special treats such as a disco floor, game room, ice machine, air hockey table and drum set, which enables children to continue to work on their tree house even after the stay at Landal.

We are always on the lookout for innovation; we want to keep surprising our guests with our holiday experience offer. The app Landal Adventure is a good example of this strategy. This special game ties in with our message ‘discover what green can do’. Children have to go outside and step into the nature in order to collect the building blocks for a digital tree house. It brings together the best of both worlds, and parents should also be able to appreciate it. The game is a very timely choice for the time of social distancing”, says Jeroen Mol, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Landal GreenParks.