A pure experience offered by Landal’s Brasseries

Landal GreenParks is opening Brasserie restaurants at its Landal Miggelenberg (Veluwe) and Landal Sluftervallei (Texel) parks. The Brasseries are based on the concept for the restaurant at Landal Coldenhove, which last year received a makeover and now boasts an on-trend interior with a central meeting place serving fresh, pure and authentic meals.

The connection between Landal GreenParks and nature is a strong one, not only in and around the parks but also in its restaurants. Landal’s chefs use fresh, local and often locally sourced ingredients, many of which are produced organically and sustainably, to create the most delicious dishes for their guests. Guests can also opt to explore their own culinary talents by signing up for one of the many workshops led by Landal chefs.

“Every season is different and each park offers the specialities of the region in which it is located,” explains Hans Oosterdijk, Director of Operations Support. “We want our guests to be inspired by nature through our dishes and the ingredients we use. The open-plan character of our new, on-trend interiors is particularly striking. Guests can draw up a chair at the natural wood tables while their children try pure, healthy dishes in an ‘experimental kitchen’ set up just for them. The Brasseries stand out from average holiday resort restaurants in terms of their interiors, their ambience and the experience they offer. Guests are welcome to come along at any time of the day and will find that there is always something going on. And children can play in a play area within the sight of their parents.”

Landal Coldenhove served as a testing ground for the new concept, and all of the experience gained over the past year was used in the design of the new Brasseries at Landal Sluftervallei and Landal Miggelenberg. In terms of their exteriors, the restaurants were adapted to fit in with their surroundings, with a dune-like look for Landal Sluftervallei and a woodland feel for Landal Miggelenberg. The formula has now been extended at Landal Coldenhove to include a service counter in the playing paradise, and a snack bar. This autumn, renovation work will start on the restaurants at Landal Wirfttal and Landal Sonnenberg in Germany. Landal Wirfttal will benefit from a grill concept that will complement the outdoor feel of this particular park.